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Dental Bridges

If you are one or more teeth, the cosmetic dentists at Pure Dental Arts have the solution for you. Dental bridges can restore missing teeth and improve your chewing and speech and help maintain facial bone structure that can be affected by missing teeth. A dental bridge can also stabilize the natural teeth around the empty space and prevent them from drifting out of position. For more information about dental bridges, contact Pure Dental Arts, conveniently located in greater Queen Anne, Seattle.

Dental bridges remain excellent, acceptable solutions for replacing missing teeth. A bridge is a dental prosthesis that consists of a false tooth supported in place by crowns attached to the two teeth adjacent to the space, restoring your ability to eat. Bridges require support from at least two teeth: the one in front and behind the empty space. Bridges usually take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Benefits of a Fixed Dental Bridge:

  • They can restore your ability to smile by filling in spaces left by missing teeth.
  • They help to support facial tissues in order to help you maintain a youthful appearance.
  • They can help prevent teeth on both sides of the space from shifting.
  • They can help restore your ability to speak, as well as chew food with no problems.
  • Unlike dentures, these remain in place while you eat, speak and sleep, similar to natural teeth.

Bridges can be made of different materials:

  • Gold: less commonly used now
  • Porcelain with a metal substructure: this is used commonly still.
  • Porcelain with a Zirconium substructure: this is newer technology, and its more esthetic than Porcelain with a metal substructure. However, it cannot be used in every case, and special considerations need to be made regarding the patient’s bite force, teeth alignment, and overall occlusion.

Bridge Process

Getting a dental bridge is a two step process. At the first appointment, we numb the teeth in question, and then we “prep,” or shave off a small amount of enamel off the teeth adjacent to the teeth. We then take an impression of these teeth—they will serve as the posts, or anchors, for the bridge. In the meantime you will have a temporary bridge covering that area in order for comfort and proper function. At the second appointment, your new custom bridge will be inspected, adjusted, and then carefully cemented into place. Multiple x-rays may be taken in order to verify that the fit of the bridge is adequate.

Implant Bridge

Bridges can also be made to fit over two implants separated by an adequate amount of space. Often we do this in order to save the patient from having to have three implants—instead we just place 2 implants, and then bridge across them to give the patient 3 teeth via the bridge. This is a multi step process. At the first appointment the implants are placed in the jaw bone and then allowed to heal for 3-6 months. Then at the second appointment the implants are uncovered, special attachments, called “healing” caps are placed onto the head of the implant. This is to help the gums grow in the proper shape. Then at the third appointment the dentist begins the bridge process by taking molds of the implant. Finally, at the last appointment, the bridge is screwed in or cemented onto the implants.

Caring for your Bridge

Bridges can feel and look like beautiful natural teeth. However, like natural teeth, they can fail if you don’t take care of them. You need to make sure you brush around your bridge, and use a special floss threader to floss under the bridge. If you develop cavities under the bridge, you may need to get the entire bridge replaced, which can be costly. If you take meticulous care of your bridge, and the bridge itself has a perfect fit, there’s not reason why your bridge can’t last a very long time!

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