First visit

Our main objective during the first appointment is to get to know you, and to figure out what your goals are. Optimal dental care is a collaborative effort between the doctor and the patient. It is definitely a two way street!

Patients can have very different goals regarding what they want. For example, some patients want to undergo an entire smile makeover, and are fully committed to making it a reality. Whereas other patients are not interested in complete cosmetic overhauls, and instead just want us to help them maintain their oral health. At the first appointment it is important that we learn what it is that you ultimately want for yourself.


During the first appointment we do comprehensive exam and take necessary x-rays to aid in the diagnostic process.We will work with you and give our recommendations on treatment. Our staff will review with you and ensure that there is no confusion regarding treatment recommendations. The treatment plan will take into account all existing health conditions, as well as your goals/desires. We will also prioritize the treatment plan so that more urgent issues are addressed first. Our treatment coordinators will discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding the financial aspects of treatment. They want to make sure that lack of finances is not an obstacle in getting the dental treatment you deserve.