Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Does laughing gas put you to sleep

Nitrous oxide is an effective, yet safe and gentle, form of sedation that we use with great success at our Queen Anne Dental office. Dental technology has improved in most every area, but nitrous oxide is a constant and has been in use by dentists for well over 100 years!

The objective of nitrous oxide sedation is not to put you to sleep. In fact, it’s helpful for you to be awake enough so that you can let us know if you’re experiencing any discomfort, allowing us to adjust your dosage as necessary.

The effect of sedation with nitrous oxide is to put you completely at ease and help you drift off into a dreamy, but awake, state. It’s often referred to as laughing gas simply because it helps you to relax to the point where nothing bothers you.

Nitrous oxide is so effective because it not only allows you to relax, but also dulls your senses. You know where you are and why you’re there, but you don’t respond to the sounds and activity around you.

It has the added advantage of being effective only as long as the gas is administered. Once we stop it, you will quickly regain your awareness, and be able to get on with your day as usual.

Dental anxiety is a terrible thing, and we’re here to help. If you’re putting off dental visits due to fear or stress, please call our Queen Anne Dental office. We’ll help you get the relief you need.

During the first 15 minutes nitrogen oxide completely disappears before returning to normal activities. Some minor aches and discomforts are normal and fade slowly but are usually mild.


Do kids fall asleep with nitrous oxide? 

–They can, but this is not mandatory, nor is it necessarily expected. The purpose of the nitrous is to calm your child down. It is very effective in this regard. Sometimes we combine nitrous with having an entertaining kid’s tv show on our tv in the treatment room. The combination of the gas and the onscreen entertainment is more than sufficient to calm down most anxious kids.

Does nitrous oxide put you to sleep

That is not the purpose of nitrous. The purpose of it is to lower your anxiety, as well as provide pain relief. Some patients do fall asleep while they are on it though, and if this happens it is usually not a cause for concern.

Is it normal to fall sleep during laughing gas?

–It definitely does happen. It does not happen to all patients. If we see that patients are falling asleep and starting to show signs of labored breathing, we will lower the nitrous level and increase the oxygen. If patients fall asleep it should be a light sleep and not a deep slumber with slow breathing. Nitrous is very safe though, when compared to other more “invasive” forms of sedation.

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