Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Relaxed Care in a Comfortable Environment


Do you avoid dental treatment because of fear and anxiety? You are not alone, and many people feel exactly the same way. But you should know that we have methods for dealing with your fear that will put you at ease and make treatments completely stress-free using sedation dentistry!

It is very common for people to put off important dental treatment because of overwhelming anxiety. If you are one of those people, we want you to know that we completely understand your feelings.

Dental phobia is often the result of a negative experience in the past, but our dentist provides gentle, supportive care and sedation methods that will eliminate your fear and allow you to get the care that you need.

Compassionate Care to Address Your Anxiety and Stress

Understanding your feelings is important, and we will spend time discussing your anxiety so that we may both learn the best way to address your fears. We will never proceed with any treatment until you feel completely comfortable in the knowledge that we are there to support you throughout the process. All members of the professional team at our office are trained to treat our anxious patients with respect and compassion.

Safe Sedation Methods to Address Your Needs

Many patients would simply prefer to be completely relaxed during treatment, and sedation is a safe and effective procedure. We offer sedation methods that can effectively address your level of anxiety. Our staff is trained to provide sedation dentistry in a safe, calm and relaxing environment

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide – laughing gas – is effective for patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety. It is administered through a small mask that covers your nose, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and breathe naturally.

A member of our sedation team will be by your side to monitor the flow of nitrous oxide during the procedure, ensuring your complete comfort. The effects will last only as long as we are administering the nitrous, and you will feel completely normal when the treatment is finished.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you have more severe dental anxiety, you may need a greater level of sedation. Oral conscious sedation provides more relaxation for fearful patients and reduces anxiety so that you can take care of your teeth.

Contact Our Office and Take Control of Your Fear

If you have been putting off dental treatment because of anxiety, we urge you to contact our dental offices in Queen Anne (Seattle). We are proud of the personal care we provide that is customized to your specific needs.

We offer extended hours so that you can schedule convenient appointments that fit your busy lifestyle. Receiving the highest quality dental care is easily within your reach with our convenient financing options.

You have come to the right place, and we will listen to your concerns and discuss which sedation method will best ensure your complete comfort. Our goal is to help you achieve the desired health and beautiful appearance of your teeth.