Advanced Technology for Comfortable, Efficient Treatment

Easy Online Appointments and New Patient Forms

You can fill out new patient forms online, ahead of time, eliminating the need for any paper work during your first appointment. You can also request appointments online as well

Needle Phobes Rejoice! No More Painful Injections


At Pure Denal Arts, we use Vibraject, a safe and simple vibrating device that distracts your nervous system. You won’t even know when the injection is over

Kids respond very well to Vibraject. Some give it nicknames like “The buzzy thing.” We may introduce “The Buzzy Thing” to your child during her first three visits. We let the her hold the Vibraject and get used to the noise and vibration of the device.

We Use Digital X-Rays Which Reduce Radiation by 60-90%



Research shows that digital x-rays reduce radiation by up to 60-90%, compared to traditional film X-rays! It is safe to use during pregnancy

Digital X-rays are a lot faster to take than traditional film x-rays. The images can be viewed immediately as there is no need to “develop” the x-rays (as you would with film). Due to this, there is no chemical processing needed, which makes them easier on the environment!

Entertainment During Your Dental Appointment

Each treatment room is equipped with a personal TV with headsets with various channels to choose from. We want you to be totally relaxed and entertained during your appointment!

Laser Dentistry Offered!


Faster healing resulting in quicker recovery time

Less post-operative discomfort, pain and inflammation

Less soft tissue scarring

Intraoral Camera – So You Can See For Yourself What’s Going on!


We want you to be totally informed before making decisions about dental treatment. The Intraoral camera is a valuable diagnostic and patient education tool.

It can give you a visual, guided “tour” of your mouth, that is then displayed on a TV or computer screen situated right above you. You will be able to see exactly what we see, and we can better walk you through our treatment recommendations.

The Intraoral camera also allows us to diagnose and catch dental problems that we might otherwise not have been able to detect without the close-up view camera offers