Knocked-Out Tooth Dental Emergency

We are open during the evenings and weekends. In the event of a dental emergency, contact us and we will usually be able to fit you in on the same day. In the meantime, here are some suggestions for you if you are experiencing a dental emergency, and unable to seek help right away.

Lost a tooth? Dental emergency

  • Find the tooth. Avoid touching the tooth root. Carefully pick it up by the crown. Touching the root can contaminate it and make it harder for us to reattach the tooth.
  • Gently rinse/wash the tooth in saliva, milk, or a special tooth-preserving solution. Plain water is not recommended.
  • The tooth must remain moist at all times. You can try holding the tooth inside your mouth, secured between your cheek and gums, or keep it in a container of milk. Do not use water!
  • You can apply an ice pack or a cold compress to the side of your face where the injury occurred in order to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Contact us and come in as soon as possible.