No Dental Insurance? No Problem

No dental insurance? If you don’t have dental insurance, excellent dental care is still affordable.


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At Pure Dental Arts, we don’t want a tight budget ever to be an obstacle between you and quality dental care. If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry! Our Pure Dental Arts In-House Dental Membership Plan can help you save 20-50% off treatment fees (compared to the average here in the Seattle area). Unlike a typical insurance plan, if you are member of our Pure Dental Arts Dental Plan, you will not have to deal with deductibles, claim forms, maximums, or waiting periods. With membership plan the cost is usually lower or at par if you have dental insurance.

Dental service for people with no insurance




If you don’t have dental insurance, the Dentists over at Pure Dental Arts in the Seattle Area have got you covered! Dental insurance can be expensive and difficult to attain. Also most people believe that the cost of a dentistry without proper insurance is way beyond their reach. This is due to the notion that dental care is incredibly expensive. This can make getting healthy teeth difficult.

As a result people are ignoring oral health treatment, often to their severe detriment.

This results in untold pain and misery, and even late night visits to the Emergency Room (for example, when a tooth becomes severely infected). And this becomes a vicious cycle because the more people ignore the problem, the more expensive it will be in the future to address it. Here are some examples of oral conditions that if left alone, become more serious, expensive problems.

  • Tooth has a small cavity, and needs a small filling. If left alone, the cavity gets bigger and eventually you need a root canal, and a crown, which is considerably more expensive then a filling
  • There is gingivitis in the gums. If left alone this can progress into a serious chronic gum disease condition, leading to tooth loss and the need for dentures
  • Wisdom teeth are impacted. If left alone, they may eventually develop infections which can compromise your airway and land you in the emergency room.
  • The above are just a few examples of oral health conditions that must be prevented if you are to optimize your overall well being.
  • According to the American dental association, there is a correlation between heart health and oral health. Poor oral health over time may contribute to poor heart health!

Dental Cleaning without insurance

Cost of regular dental cleaning in absence of gum disease can range from $127-$300 or more. If you have gum disease then the cost can be anywhere from $500-$3000. This cost is without any needed X rays. If you happen to need any X rays the cost can be much higher. However contact us today to find out how you can potentially save hundreds of dollars with Pure Dental Arts on dental cleaning with no insurance.

If you are wondering on how to see a dentist without when you have no insurance, you will be surprised to find that excellent dental care is still affordable at your local Seattle Dental office.

Dental care for adults without insurance

Find out various affordable options available if you don’t have dental insurance. Ignoring dental problem can lead to expensive issue down the road and the cost can be too expensive even if you get dental insurance. Small problems are easier to fix and cost less. Also the treatment is more predictable. As the dental problem get more complex the long term outcome can become less predictable.

Lack of money or dental insurance should not be a deterrent in you getting the proper dental care that you deserve.

We understand that there is currently an issue with accessibility to dental coverage or insurance. So we are very sensitive towards the needs of people who may not be able to have it. As a result, we offer an in-house membership at Pure Dental Arts. The way it works is this: you pay $150 for a membership, and this will cover you for a full 12 months starting from the day you sign the contract. That way you receive the excellent health care that you need!

Here are some examples of the amazing savings you will have when you join the Pure Dental Arts in-house membership. As a member, your Dental Services will be discounted at a rate of 20-30% off the usual customary rate (this can amount to several hundred dollars saved). This applies to all procedures including most routine dental care as well as some cosmetic procedures.

Keep in mind that the Pure Dental Arts In-house membership discount plan is a discount program, and not a health insurance plan. This plan does not completely cover the cost of treatment, but instead gives a discount on the recommended procedures, usually at 20-30% of the customary fee. Our discount program, in addition to providing excellent dental care, also applies to families as well. The following are the rates for an individual as well as a family.

    • For one person: $150/year
    • For a one adult and one dependent: $230/year
    • For a family with 3 kids: $300/year

Also being a member of our plan does not prevent you from being allowed to have dental insurance. In fact its not unusual for some of our patients to be members of our plan for a few years, only to go off it because they found a job that offers good dental insurance. In such a case we will terminate the membership so that the patient can utilize their new dental insurance.

And vice versa: if a patient loses their dental insurance, rest assured they can become members of our in-house membership plan, so that they don’t have to miss out on getting the dental treatment that they deserve. To find out more, please call Pure Dental Arts Seattle at 206-486-8600!

Additional Steps On How To Go To The Dentist Without Insurance.

Flexible Payment plans

  • We also offer flexible payment plans. In fact we do everything we can to work with your individual financial needs and budgetary constraints. In fact for larger more complicated treatment plans where the total cost may be substantial, it is not realistic for some people to pay it all upfront. Payment plans are a great way to help finance your dental work in a way that is financially realistic, allowing you to attain the smile that you always wanted! You may also want to look into CareCredit. The way that works is that they provide you with a “CareCredit” credit card that you can use to pay your out of pocket expenses for dental treatment. We have found many of our patients to have benefitted greatly from CareCredit, or programs like that.

Dental Schools

  • If you don’t have health insurance, another thing you can do is this: if you place of residence is near a nationally accredited dental school, you can find quality low cost dental care. And not only that, the dental students have to work under the close supervision of licensed, experienced dentists, so you don’t have to worry about receiving shoddy “cut rate” dental care. The main dental school here in the Seattle area is the University of Washington School of Dentistry. In fact most states have dental schools.

Community Health Clinics

  • Community health clinics may also be an affordable way to go. Often times patients end up paying less for a dental procedure. However, the scope of treatment that is done by the community healthy clinics is often considerably less, and its also harder to get an appointment.

Mobile Dental Programs

  • You may also find some mobile dental programs which offer free or low cost dental services to underserved patients in order to improve access to dental health. These mobile programs often involve a customized RV that drives from location to location, and is outfitted in such a way as to be a modern dental clinic.

Call Pure Dental Arts, Seattle Wa at 206-486-8600 to find out more about the dental benefits you will receive from joining our discount membership plan!

The membership is valid for 12 months from the day you join. The cost is:

  • For one person: $150/year
  • For a one adult and one dependent: $230/year
  • For a family with 3 kids: $300/year

So if you are looking for Dentist near me no insurance or dentist without insurance, you have come at right place. You will be surprised to find out that no insurance dental care is quite affordable. So for individuals without dental insurance our Queen Anne Dental office is ideal place for your dental needs.

For any or all of your question regarding finding cost with no dental insurance, please contact your local Seattle Dentist-Pure Dental Arts for more details!

Plan Exclusions and Limitations

1) This is NOT a health insurance plan, but a discount plan that offer savings on dental treatment to patients who join it and who don’t have dental insurance.

2) This plan doesn’t pay for any procedure itself, but rather gives a discount on the recommended procedure(s) done at Pure Dental Arts

3) The program does not meet the minimum credible coverage requirements under any law and is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act

4) The Membership plan will not pay for any procedures performed in the hospital, by a specialist, or anywhere other than Pure dental Arts

5) Cannot be combined with any other dental insurance coverage or discounts.

6) Services for injuries or conditions which are covered under Worker’s compensation or Employer’s Liability Laws. Discounts under your membership do not apply to any treatment prior to joining.

7) Prescription drugs and over-the counter drugs are not included.

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