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Come check out the best dental healthcare in beautiful Queen Anne, in the Seattle WA area!

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Are you looking for dental offices, that provide full scale dental service, in the Seattle WA area? Your oral health has more of an impact than just getting you a beautiful smile! It is also vital for leading a healthy life, as your oral health has a correlation with your overall bodily health.

At Pure Dental Arts Seattle, we provide full service dental procedures. Whatever tooth issues you may have, like wisdom teeth pain, root canal issues, or general orthodontic service inquiries, etc., we are here to help.

Amazing Services We Provide at Our Practice

  • Same day treatment
  • flexible hours (including evenings)
  • Emergency services
  • We take most dental insurance plans
  • Digital X rays
  • In-house membership for uninsured patients

The Queen Anne dental group of experts and dental assistants have the experience and expertise to provide a wide range of dental care, including dental implant in Seattle.

The Philosophy of Queen Anne’s Dentist-Pure Dental Arts

We are a premier Queen Anne dental group practice in Seattle, WA. Our goal is to make hi-tech dentistry available to as many people as possible.

We absolutely strive to provide the same amount of attention and care to all our existing AND new patients. We know a visit to the doctor or the dentist isn’t always pleasant, so we do everything we can to make you comfortable.

Due to our extensive experience in the field of general dentistry, at the first appointment we will gather as much information about your oral condition prior to starting any procedure. This is only possible because we are passionate about our craft.

Besides, our entire Queen Anne dental office team is committed to delivering a highly patient-oriented experience to make you feel comfortable.

From the moment you step foot into our dental care clinic, our team will ensure the best possible care you can hope for.

What we provide


Crowns help restore the natural function of your teeth, giving you both beautiful form and function.


Facing trouble with missing teeth? We can fill the gaps with artificial teeth thanks to this treatment. We can implant them in your gums or jaw, depending on the individual’s case.


Nothing works better than dental implants, whether it is time to remove or replace your permanent teeth. These are the perfect replacement for your original teeth and make your lives easier.


We also provide dental fillings at Pure Dental Arts to repair the chipped tooth or fill the cavities. We are also capable of providing multi-layered fillings to give a natural color to your teeth.

Teeth whitening

Who doesn’t wish for whiter teeth? Our dentists conduct consultations with the patients to perfectly understand their desires and needs. Our professional advice includes everything from whitening toothpaste to bleaching, guaranteeing a great experience.

Cosmetic dentistry

Anyone ever dreaming of a beautiful smile should avail of our cosmetic dentistry services. Our general dentist at Pure Dental Arts will make all necessary adjustments to your teeth, whether major or minor.

Root canal

This type of treatment can save and repair a dying tooth. At Pure Dental Arts, your dentist will conduct all necessary measures to remove the dead nerves and prevent any further infection in your mouth.


Our dentist will provide a model based on which the dental technician will create custom thin shells. This will help effectively hide any chips, stains, or decay in your teeth.


Are you looking for tooth extraction services in Seattle, Washington area? Then you need to book an appointment with our knowledgeable doctors for outstanding results.

Gum treatment

If you want to protect your gum tissues from being infected and prevent any potential tooth loss, consult with our dentists. Timely treatment can prevent the formation of plaques or any buildup that can cause swelling or bleeding in the gums.

Invisalign or braces

Both braces and Invisalign can provide the desired results when it comes to positioning your teeth.

Finding a dentist in Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Pure Dental Arts are located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA. You can easily locate us as our dental office is near the crossing of Mercer St at 1st Ave and Roy St. It is close to the Bartell Drugs Shopping Center, so there will be no issue getting the prescribed medicines either.

At Pure Dental Arts, we ensure that the new patient is comfortable. You can go through reviews by our patients to find more information. Our doctors practice ethical methods to provide the best dental treatment to our patients.

Visit Our Dental Office in Queen Anne Seattle, WA

If this is your first visit to the dentist, it is normal to feel nervous. However, ours is a family-friendly facility. The patient coordinator will greet you with warmth from the moment you enter our premises. You will have no trouble scheduling the appointments.

Moreover, from the doctor to the dental assistant, everyone is super friendly and efficient at handling cases.

Come pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood Queen Anne Dentist or contact our office phone at 206-486-8600 or online