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How Much Do Dental X Rays Cost

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Dental X ray cost varies depending upon your insurance coverage. Most dental insurance plans cover X ray between 50%-100%. But there are other limitation on X-ray coverage, typically waiting period, frequency etc. Typically dental x-ray cost without insurance is $30-$750 depending upon number and type of x-rays needed. With our in house membership plan the dental x-ray cost is $0.

How much do dental x rays cost without insurance?

The dental exam is essential in the procedure at a dental office. The number of xrays that you need varies depending on the health and the number of times you need dental services. Some patients require X rays twice a year while some need them only once every 2 years. Specific dental x rays may need to be taken more frequently if a dentist wants to monitor certain thing. See below to know the dental x rays cost.

We hear these questions everyday -how much does it cost for dental x ray or how much is a panoramic x ray or how much dental x ray cost or how much does a full mouth x ray cost or dental x-ray cost or variation of these regrading cost of dental x ray. If you have dental insurance the cost varies depending upon number and type of dental  x rays -see above. Without insurance the cost varies from $30-$750. However with our in house membership plan the dental x-ray cost is $0.

Do you need dental X-rays?

The electromagnetic radiation of high frequency is based on X rays. This is used to view bone structures in the human body. The dentistry profession uses these techniques for the inspection of what cannot be seen through the eyes. The X ray enter cheeks and lips, and are absorbed into teeth and bones that appear in the image. Radiographic images are arranged in various ways. Therefore dental x rays are very important to visualize gum disease, tooth decay, various pathology of jaw and jaw joints, need for tooth extraction, overall oral health etc.

Does insurance covers dental x rays cost?

Most dental insurance covers some or all of dental x rays cost. Typically if you have dental insurance plan your cost can vary from $0-$200 depending upon type of x ray and numbers of x rays needed.

What is a full-head (AKA panoramic) x ray?

A full-head x-ray, or panoramic dental  x-ray is one of many type of x ray. It helps us to see many that’s going on in your entire mouth. It’s one of many type of x ray, and it serves various purpose: examining your bone structure, TMJ joint, root formation, cyst, tumors of haw and various other pathology of jaw. It can also help detect carotid calcification.

When should you get a full-head / panoramic x-ray?

Full-head x-rays can help your dentist find cysts, infections, bone structure problems, and tumors. You’ll need a full-head x-ray one in one of two scenarios.

The first scenario is when you’re getting a routine check-up. We usually order a full-head x-ray for our patients once every three to five years, just to make sure we stay on top of any hidden conditions that may affect your oral health in the future. In case you have oral cancer this routine check-up can save your life.

The second scenario in which we’ll order a full head x-ray is when we have reason to believe one of the above-listed conditions exists. For example, we might order one when we already suspect your wisdom teeth to be a problem, just to make sure we understand exactly where and how each wisdom tooth is positioned. That’s helpful for us to know if you need to get your wisdom tooth removed.

Is a panoramic x-ray a substitute for a standard dental exam?

We get that question a lot.  Panoramic (AKA full-head) x rays don’t require you to bite down on film, which people don’t enjoy, sometimes because they have a strong gag reflex.  You may want to know whether you can avoid the “bite down hard” x rays or the rest of a standard dental exam.

The short answer is, no, full-head x rays can’t replace standard dental exams, because they’re not ideal for finding cavities or individual tooth problem like whether you need root canal or not. For that we use different type of x rays called periapical x rays and/or bitewing x ray.  (We do have ways to help you manage the discomfort of a standard x rays, so please let us know if you have issues.)

Full-head x rays are ideal for showing us just about everything else that’s going on in your mouth, though, including impacted wisdom teeth. 

Do panoramic x-rays hurt?

Panoramic x-rays are painless. Like most x-rays, you’ll usually be asked to wear a lead apron and to remove your glasses or jewellery.

Once you’re ready, the machine will rotate around your head. All you need to do is hold your head in the positions we ask for. Stand still, let us take the picture, and you’re done. 

How much does a panoramic dental x ray cost?

Full-head / panoramic dental x ray cost between $100 and $250, but generally they’re covered by insurance at varying percentage (50%-100%). So the cost is $0-$100 most of the time. If you don’t have dental insurance, the cost of xray is covered by our in house membership plan. So your out of pocket cost is $0.

Few people call us up and say, “Hey, can I get a panoramic x-ray?”  Usually there is a specific concern or nuisance that makes a full-head x-ray useful and timely.

But if you suspect you have the kinds of conditions that might require one, contact Pure Dental Arts to book your appointment in Seattle or Everett, WA.

Dental X rays near me

Dental x rays are a common procedure and should be included in the budget each year. This helps you to keep healthy teeth and can catch problems early and prevent more discomfort and expensive dental problems later on. American dental association recommends going to dentist every 6 months for routine check ups.

Digital dental radiographs

Digital radiography has replaced conventional x-ray paper. The advantage to processing images immediately is to have them seen instantly. This image is editable; the technician or dental hygienist can adjust contrast or extract further detail from the radiographic image. It isn’t really different between patients. Some sensors have larger and heavier dimensions than traditional. Digital x rays have much less radiation than traditional film based x rays

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental x rays are often confused with other fields. It has very little radiation compared to that experienced on a sunny day. During a 2-hour flight, four bitewing exposures were observed to have much less radiation . In addition, the advantages of early detection override the risks associated with radiation. It is no longer a concern that kids can have an x ray. Dental x rays have a safety benefit for kids’ health care. Having an X-ray is also safe for pregnant women esp. in 2nd or 3rd trimester . Accommodation is also available should necessary.

Are dental X-rays dangerous?

Dental x-ray imaging has been recognized and approved by the American Dental Association. All x rays requires radioactive radiation, though its effect is minimal and has no proven adverse effect. For pregnant women or thyroid problems, we may recommend a Lead Apron or collar for protecting your stomach and thyroid. Digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Digital X ray technology revolutionizes dentistry’s way of treating dental problems.

But if you suspect you have the kinds of conditions that might require one, contact Pure Dental Arts to book your appointment in Seattle or Everett, WA.

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