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Dental Implants in Queen Anne, Seattle

Pure Dental Arts – 1503 Queen Anne Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109

Are you missing one, several, or all of your natural teeth? Decided dentures aren’t the right treatment for you? Pure Dental Arts can help you restore the appearance, feel, and function of your smile with dental implants.

Pure Dental Arts offers dental implants for Queen Anne,  Seattle-area.

If you’ve experienced tooth loss due to dental decay or accidental trauma, then you are likely to know how it can negatively affect your self-confidence and possibly even your ability to chew foods thoroughly and speak clearly.

Here’s the good news. Our  Seattle implants dentists can help you reclaim your smile. We also offer flexible financing options so you can fix your smile without breaking your budget. Call Pure Dental Arts for a consultation today!

Dental Implants – Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Modern dental implants look, feel, and function like a natural teeth. Implants replace the natural tooth root to restore form and function. If you’ve experienced tooth loss due to dental decay or accidental trauma, you know that it can be negatively affect your self-confidence. The good news is that the implant dentists at Pure Dental Arts have the perfect  solution for you.

Beyond improving your cosmetic appearance, replacing missing teeth is vital, because having missing teeth can also negatively affect your oral health, in the sense that missing teeth can cause tooth alignment problems, as well as deterioration of the jaw bone, as well as TMJ issues. Dental implants address these problems and have been used for several decades with spectacular results.

Dr. Chiang and Dr. Goel are sensitive to the problems experienced by patients with missing teeth, and are here to help you restore natural function and beautiful form.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A fully restored dental implant has three parts: the actual implant (metal post), the abutment, and the dental restoration (crown). The implant is the titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. The post is biocompatible and becomes fused to bone tissue through a process known as osseointegration. The abutment can be thought of as an anchor that goes on top of the implant post. The abutment’s job is essentially to provide a connection between the implant post and the dental restoration

What to expect when getting a Dental Implant

Many patients say that getting dental implants is an exciting and life-changing experience. If you are considering implants, Pure Dental Arts’ team will answer all of your questions and educate you on the procedure and aftercare so you can make informed decisions regarding your care.

Here is a typical treatment path for dental implants:

 Initial exam and consultation – During your first appointment, we will discuss the benefits and risks of dental implants with you. The dentist will perform a visual examination to gauge your general oral health. Gingivitis and other conditions will need to be resolved before implants are considered. Since a healthy jawbone is required to support the implant, the dentist will order X-rays or CT scans to determine the health of the jawbone. IF YOUR CASE IS DEEMED TO BE TOO DIFFICULT TO PERFORM AT OUR OFFICE, A REFERRAL MAY BE MADE TO THE SURGEON TO HAVE THEM SURGICALLY PLACE THE IMPLANT INSTEAD. IF THIS HAPPENS, WE WILL STILL RESTORE THE IMPLANT FOR YOU AFTER.

 Planning your treatment – Based on your input and oral health goals, the staff at Pure Dental Arts will develop a treatment plan.

 Day of surgery – On the day of surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the surgical areas. A pilot hole will be made into the jawbone and a titanium post will be inserted. Depending on your individual treatment plan, either a healing abutment and/or immediate-function temporary crown will be placed.

 Impressions – We will take impressions of your bite before fabricating your final crown. This is done to ensure your crown or bridge will have the proper alignment and bite.

 Placement of final restoration – Roughly eight weeks following your implant surgery, you will return to the dentist to have the abutment and final restoration added to the implant post. Your crown will be completed by a highly qualified laboratory and will match the shade of your existing teeth.

Will I Need a Bone or Gingival Graft?

In some instances, the dentist may recommend a bone or gingival graft to give the jawbone more strength and volume. During a bone grafting procedure, dentist will place either natural or artificial bone tissue into the dental arch. This added tissue combines with the original bone material to increase the dental arch’s density and volume.

Types of Dental Implants

There are various types of dental implants. There is option to replace single tooth and also the complete set of teeth. It depends upon your mouth condition, your desire and expectation. The cost of dental implants varies based on which type of dental implant is needed. You need 1-2 dental implants the cost is significantly less. But if you need to replace the whole set of teeth then dental implants cost will be more.

Post-Operative Dental Implant Care

Once your dental implants are placed, you should follow all aftercare instructions provided by your dentist. Here are a few examples of what to expect:

  • The first days after surgery – You can expect some degree of swelling, bleeding, pain and/or discomfort at the implant site(s) following surgery. Bleeding and discomfort should subside within 48 hours. If you still detect bleeding after that 48-hour period, please contact our office.

  • Handling pain and inflammation – Some degree of discomfort can be expected following your dental implant surgery. If you are free of any condition that would prevent you from taking ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®, etc.), you can take 400–600 mg every 6–8 hours, or as directed by your doctor. Ibuprofen will relieve pain and act as an anti-inflammatory. If you are unable to take ibuprofen, try 1–2 tablets of regular-strength Tylenol® every 4 hours. OCCASIONALLY NARCOTICS MAY BE PRESCRIBED IF WARRANTED AND APPROPRIATE.

  • What about sedation? Some patients choose sedation for dental implant procedures. If you choose IV or oral sedation, you should have a designated driver to transport you home following the procedure. WE DON’T DO IV SEDATION, ONLY ORAL.

  • What to eat and drink – For the first 24 hours after surgery, stick to soft meals. You should drink plenty of water; staying hydrated assists with the healing process and also flushes harmful microbes from the mouth.

  • Oral hygiene – In some cases, a prescription-strength oral rinse may be prescribed. This should be taken before you go to bed, after waking, and again before you go to bed the following day. You can still brush your teeth, but be gentle and do not disturb the implant site.

Have a question about aftercare? Please contact our office at any time.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Caring for your dental implants is essential to maintaining your oral health and the longevity of your dental implants. Once your dental implants are in place and the surgical site has healed, you should brush and floss them as you would your natural teeth. You should also attend regular appointments with your dentist.

All surgical procedures come with some degree of risk and dental implants are not an exception. Dental implant failures, while uncommon, are mainly caused by peri-implantitis, a common but treatable infection around the implant post.

Why Is Permanent Tooth Replacement Important?

Beyond improving the appearance of your smile, replacing missing teeth is also important to your oral health. Missing teeth can cause tooth alignment problems, deterioration of the jaw bone, as well as TMJ issues. Dental implants address these problems and have been used for several decades with spectacular results.

Are Dental Implants right for me?

Implants are currently the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. They feel and function like natural teeth. The titanium metal root also prevents jawbone deterioration. After the titanium implant has had a chance to integrate completely into the surrounding bone, the next step is the fabrication of an implant crown that matches your mouth in terms of shape, color, and function

Only through a consultation with your dentist or oral surgeon can it be determined whether dental implants are the right treatment option for you.

Dental Implants cost?

Dental implants represent a significant investment in your oral health. Many dental insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of dental implants, although they seldom cover the entire dental implant cost. According to the Consumer’s Guide to Dentistry, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,500 to $2,500 per implant, the restoration cost is extra. If you are looking to replace a full arch (row) of teeth, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.

Of course, these figures are based on average rates across the United States. The total cost of dental implants will depend on the materials chosen and the complexity of the treatment plan.

Will Insurance Cover My Dental Implant Procedure?

“Will insurance cover my dental implant procedure?” is one of the most common questions we receive at Pure Dental Arts. In a nutshell, yes your dental or health insurance will likely cover a portion of the total cost of your dental implants. However, there are some dental plans that will not cover dental implants if they determine your particular procedure is for cosmetic purposes. We will work with you and your insurance provider to ensure your out-of-pocket expenditures are kept to a minimum.

Before diving into this kind of procedure, you should have a clear understanding of your insurance’s coverage and your own personal financial obligations. This starts with calling your insurance company to determine what portions of the procedure will be covered. Once you determine the coverage we can then discuss payment arrangements. Pure Dental Arts offers flexible financing options to make dental implant procedures affordable to many patients.

Please Contact Our Office for a Complimentary Consultation

Are you ready to have a beautiful, attractive smile while also improving your overall oral health? The team at Pure Dental Arts is ready to help you get started with a complimentary consultation.

We are proud to offer personalized care to fit your individual needs. We have convenient evening and Saturday appointment options so you don’t have to take time away from work or school. We also accept most major dental insurance plans and third-party financing options. Please contact Pure Dental Arts for more information

Easy Ways To Get Started

If you’d like to see the difference that gentle, personalized oral health care can make for you and your family, please contact our office in Queen Anne (Seattle) WA. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to our family

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Flexible Payment Options

In addition, we also work with third party companies that can help you finance your dental treatment with convenient and affordable payment plans. We accept payment through Care Credit and Lending Club Solutions.

Please contact our office for more detailed information.

Most insurance accepted

We accept and are in network with most major PPO insurances. If you provide us with your insurance info, our staff can verify it. Insurance plans change frequently, so we’re constantly updating our coverage.

Please contact our office for more detailed information.

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