Prenatal Dentistry


You may think you should wait until after giving birth to see the dentist. Perhaps that’s just what feels right, or maybe even a dentist told you that. But the reality is you may need dental treatment during your pregnancy. In case you do, Pure Dental Arts is pleased to offer comprehensive prenatal dentistry care.

If you know you need prenatal dental care, please contact us to schedule an appointment at either of our offices (Queen Anne or Everett). Or if you’re expecting and aren’t sure whether you need dental care, read on to find out more.

Is prenatal dental care safe?

Prenatal dental care is safe. Of course, please tell us that you are pregnant so we don’t give you x-rays. Also, we may avoid certain medications during your pregnancy. But otherwise, there is plenty we can do to address tooth and gum disease.

Cleanings are safe, and so are fillings. Scaling and root planing, should it become necessary for your gums, is safe as well. We can even offer local anesthetics without risk to you or your baby.

We understand that the dentist is probably the last thing you want to do while expecting. But you probably won’t feel any more like going after you give birth, and it’s wise to prevent or minimize dental problems on the earlier side.

Why do you need to visit the dentist while pregnant?

Gum disease – like periodontitis and gingivitis – is a major risk during pregnancy. Hormonal changes in your body make it harder for your immune system to fight it. Some women even get “pregnancy tumors” on their gums. Those tumors aren’t cancerous, but they are painful and have a tendency to bleed.

Tooth decay also is a risk, especially if you have morning sickness. Regular vomiting can wear away the enamel on your teeth, leaving you more vulnerable to cavities.

Your regular hygiene routine may not be enough to prevent disease or decay. Even the dietary changes most OB/gyns recommend may not prevent all the issues that may pop up. We can address any dental concerns in a way that’s safe both for you and for your baby.

Studies show Mom isn’t the only one affected by gum disease. In one 1996 study, researchers drew a link between gum disease, pre-term growth, and fetal growth restriction. The bacteria from your mouth can travel into your placenta, uterus, and cervix, where they can have a negative effect on your baby’s health.

Proper oral care during your pregnancy can help reduce the likelihood or complications of a preterm birth. It can help keep your child from being born at a low birth weight, and it can strengthen your child’s resistance to tooth decay throughout his or her life.

How much do you know about your baby’s dental health?

Your baby’s oral health won’t “take care of itself.” As soon as he or she is born, you and your baby will need to navigate dental challenges.

For example, did you know you should always clean your baby’s gums after feeding? It’s a simple, gentle process: You place a moistened washcloth around your finger and massage the tissues to keep bacteria from settling. This promotes healthy gum and tooth growth even before visible teeth are present.

You may also not know that dental decay isn’t the result of a sugary diet and poor dental hygiene alone. It’s an infectious disease, and it is contagious. Sharing utensils with your baby can also make him or her vulnerable to cavities in the future.

Meeting with us while you’re pregnant gives us an ideal time to talk about the dos and don’ts .

Expecting? Expect a stress-free appointment at Pure Dental Arts

If you’ve been putting off dental care because you’re pregnant, don’t delay. It won’t be like the thousand prenatal appointments you’ve had to go to – we promise. Contact Pure Dental today to schedule a stress-free appointment.

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