I brush my teeth twice a day, why are they still getting stained?

If you brush properly twice a day and your teeth are still becoming discolored, then your home care is most likely not the problem.

As we progress through life, our teeth do a lot of work and are exposed to much wear and tear. The result is that our teeth will develop microscopic holes and defects in the enamel surface. This allows stain-producing agents to penetrate into the enamel, causing discoloration and staining.

Obviously the types of beverages and food we consume are also a huge factor. Drinks such as red wine, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth. Tobacco use is one of the foremost causes of  staining.

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Am I a good candidate for professional teeth whitening?

The doctors at Queen Anne Dental are always available to examine your teeth to determine the causes of your staining. This will allow them to determine whether teeth whitening is an appropriate solution or not. There are certain medical conditions where the teeth are naturally darker than normal. In such a case, the patient may need crowns or veneers to mask the undesired color.

Stained and discolored teeth detract from your self-confidence and appearance. At Queen Anne Dental, we want you to be proud of your smile! Contact our office today for an appointment if you would like to speak to one of our doctors about your options.

Will professional teeth whitening make teeth look too white?

This is a very common concern. Don’t worry, it is very difficult to whiten your teeth beyond their most natural, whitest shade. You may have seen people with unnaturally white teeth, which may have lead you to be concerned about teeth that are “too white.” Most likely the people you have seen have had other types of cosmetic treatment done such as porcelain crowns or veneers. 

If you are thinking about having a professional teeth whitening treatment, please contact our office to schedule a convenient appointment. We will take all the time you need so we can answer your questions and discuss your expectations, ensuring that the results are exactly what you hoped for.

Do over the counter teeth whitening agents actually work?:

For home whitening, you have two options: whitening toothpastes and home whitening, or “bleaching.” Whitening toothpastes” contain gentle polishing agents that take away surface stain. Whitening toothpastes will only lighten your teeth by about one shade increment. Products for home whitening, or “bleaching,” contain hydrogen peroxide, which removes surface stains as well as stains hiding deep inside the tooth. Like the whitening tooth paste mentioned above, at home whitening will only lighten your teeth by about one shade increment.

None of the above products are as effective as a professional tooth whitening treatment. At Queen Anne Dental we use a few different methods for teeth Whitening, which is capable of whitening teeth by as much as 16 shade increments! If you would like more information about teeth whitening, call our office today!