Why are baby teeth important?

It’s a common mistake that people make in thinking that a child’s baby teeth are unimportant. This idea is probably due to the fact that the child will eventually lose all their baby teeth, so that must mean they’re not that important.

This is not the case. Like everything else in your body, baby teeth are there for a reason. Of course, your child needs them to chew and speak properly. But most importantly, baby teeth are designed to hold a place for permanent teeth that are already developing in the child’s jaw.

Parents at our Queen Anne dental office often ask us if and why a cavity in a baby tooth needs to be filled. The answer is that we need to do everything possible to make sure your child’s baby teeth stay intact until they are ready to come out naturally.

If your child develops a cavity and it is not filled, you are subjecting your child to unnecessary discomfort. If decay spreads and the tooth is lost too soon, underlying teeth may not erupt properly. This can potentially lead to tooth misalignment, and costly orthodontic treatment in the future.

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