What are some signs that I’m grinding my teeth?

The majority of people who chronically grind or clench their teeth experience head, neck, or jaw pain when they wake up. Often, patients at our Queen Anne dental office are not aware that this pain is associated with grinding of their teeth (bruxism).

This occurs because you are putting significant additional stress on your teeth, which in turn stresses your jaw joint. Over time, this excess force can cause the joint to break down, leading to TMJ.

Another sign that you have bruxism is not so obvious. As you can imagine, the stress on your teeth caused by grinding and clenching can lead to premature wearing of your dental enamel. Unless substantial damage has occurred, Dr. Goel will probably be the first to notice the wearing of your tooth.

We know that the painful symptoms of teeth grinding can be hard to bear, and even may affect your lifestyle. Fortunately, at Queen Anne Dental, we have a simple solution called a night guard that may be all you need to alleviate these debilitating effects.

If you believe that you are grinding your teeth, please contact our Queen Anne dental office. We want you to get the help you resolve the problem so that you can get on with your life.