Tooth extraction scares me! How can you help?

We understand your worries, and we want to do anything we can to help you get through the process with as little stress and anxiety as possible. Our sedation options are the answer for getting you the help you need in a calming environment.

At Queen Anne Dental, we work hard to preserve your teeth whenever possible. But sometimes it becomes necessary to extract a tooth to protect your overall health. We have done many tooth extractions, and we work together as a team to make sure you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

We can assure you that both of our doctors are very gentle, but we know that this may not be enough to help you relax before and during treatment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a simple, but very effective type of sedation that helps keep you calm with no side effects afterwards. You will feel relaxed during the treatment and it controls any anxiety you may have.

Oral sedation is also very effective if you have more serious dental anxiety. We can prescribe a relaxing medication to be taken at our office. Combined with nitrous oxide, this type of sedation is sufficient to help even the most fearful patients.

 Please contact our Queen Anne dental office for more information about the ways in which we can help you deal with your fears.