How can dental sealants benefit my child?

It’s very important to start your child off with a proper routine of oral health care. The preventive steps we take now are important for ensuring that they enjoy a lifetime of excellent dental health.

Part of this preventive care may include dental sealants. This is a process where a thin plastic resin is used to coat the chewing surfaces of teeth with pits, deep grooves, or uneven chewing surfaces. The sealant forms a shield to protect these surfaces and prevent decay.

If your child doesn’t yet have their permanent teeth, sealants can help protect baby teeth and keep them healthy. Baby teeth are important for proper development of permanent teeth.

Older children who have their permanent teeth can also benefit from dental sealants. When they are young, kids consume a lot of cavity-producing foods, and dental sealants prevent these foods from damaging healthy teeth.

Every child is different, and if your child’s teeth are generally healthy, they may not need dental sealants. But it is an easy process that requires no numbing, so it’s appropriate even for the youngest kids.

Please contact our Queen Anne dental office to arrange an appointment for your child to meet with Dr. Goel. After conducting a thorough exam, he will decide if your child can benefit from dental sealants.