Do you treat children?

We do treat children while trying to make it fun and easy for them! In fact, Dr. Goel has many years of experience in working with very young children. We even have a special kids’ play area so that your children feel at home in a welcoming setting.

Treating children requires a special, gentle touch, and our team of caring professionals are trained to help our youngest patients feel safe and comfortable to help them enjoy their dental visits and feel good about taking care of their dental health.

Our emphasis is on helping your children get started on a lifetime of proper oral hygiene and dental care. The sooner we can establish a friendly relationship with your child, the more likely it is that they will see visits to the dentist as an enjoyable and positive event.

Your proactivity with your child’s care from an early age by bringing them in for regular visits allows us to monitor the growth and development of their teeth. This way we can avoid problems from developing or progressing. Most importantly, we do not want your child to associate trips to the dentist with pain, so it’s important to establish a routine of comfortable, enjoyable experiences early on.