Do you take same-day emergency patients?

We are pleased to provide same-day emergency treatment to help you find relief and get the immediate treatment necessary to protect your oral health.

Sudden, severe pain is often a sign of a serious problem, and we are available to help you so that you never have to put off the important treatment you need because you can’t find proper dental care.

Since you may not be sure if your problem is an actual dental emergency, here is a general list of problems you may be experiencing that qualify as a dental emergency. In any event, do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

  • An accident or damage to your tooth that has caused it to break or fracture
  • An unexplained bump or pimple on your gums
  • Sudden severe tooth pain or swelling
  • A toothache that is severe enough to cause radiating facial pain
  • Sports injury or trauma caused by an accident
  • Loss of a filling, dental crown, veneer, or other type of restoration

Depending on the emergency, prompt treatment can prevent further damage, and may mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth. If you have a dental emergency, please contact our office immediately. We know how painful and overwhelming a dental emergency can be, and we will make arrangements to see you that day.