Do you recomend fluoride treatments for my child?

Fluoride is an essential element for keeping your child’s teeth healthy and protecting them from decay. At Queen Anne Dental, we want to do everything to help promote your child’s optimal oral health, and fluoride treatments are part of the preventive services we provide.

Most of us ingest sufficient amounts of fluoride through our public water supplies and the foods we consume – spinach, apple juice, and vegetables, to name just a few. But, depending on your diet and the area in which you live (residents of rural areas often live on a well, instead of public water), your child may benefit from topical fluoride treatments.

It’s important to establish a routine of early childhood visits so that Dr. Goel can keep a close watch on your child’s oral health as it develops. This way, he can establish a history that allows him to note any changes since the previous visit. It is during these visits that he can decide if your child is in need of an application of fluoride to keep his or her teeth strong and healthy.

We really love working with kids and helping them get a head start on good oral health care. Please feel free to arrange a convenient appointment for your child at our Queen Anne dental office.